Not a Community

NAC is a private, anonymous support group for entrepreneurs. 

NAC is a place to help entrepreneurs with their mental health.

Members are anonymous

Discuss and share what’s on your mind. 

Honesty without consequences. 

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Q: What is NAC?

A: NAC is a private, online support group for entrepreneurs. Members are anonymous.

Q: Why are members anonymous?

A: There are things that we internalize for fear of consequences (big or small). Through anonymity, we can create an open forum where entrepreneurs can be open and honest without consequences.

Q: Is NAC completely anonymous?

A: Anonymity creates the opportunity for bad behavior. The goal is to balance the benefits (openness) of anonymity while removing the negative behaviors. 

NAC is anonymous among the members. There are no names in the system. There is an email associated with the member account that only the admin has access to.